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August 2011

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what is the answer to the fish puzzle?

fish puzzle,water question,person drinks,green house,red house,first house,englishman,neighbour,nationality,cigarette,colours,horses,birds,white house,cats,coffee,tea

Where can I buy Rothman Cigarettes online legally? rothman,king size,carton,cigarettes,pac

Who can answer this Einstein Riddle? It's hard. No cheating!? dogs as pets,pall mall,neigbor,five houses,green house,red house,who owns the fish,first house,rears,winfield,marlboro,swede,riddle,nationality,cigarette,einstein,drinks,colours,horses,birds

Canadian Cigarettes - Negril? canadian cigarettes,cartons,carton,guess,customs,couples

There is no trick to solving this puzzle, put yourself among 2% of intelligent people in the world).? cigarettes pall mall,dunhill cigarettes,smart world,five houses,green house,red house,first house,different color,smoker,winfield,marlboro,nationality,libyan,cigarette,neighbor,good luck,drinks,neighbors,puzzle,birds

Favourite cigarettes out of....? pall mall,sobranie,gitanes,epique,gauloises,ronson,bond street,lucky strike,viceroy,rothmans,dunhill,zest,davidoff,marlboro,magna,camel,cigarettes,vogue,glamour,cheers

How is this one...............??

I don't like the bitter taste from cigarettes? benson hedges,peter stuyvesant,pall mall,cigarette brand,bitter taste,rothmans,winfield,nicotine,marlboro,cigarettes,horizon,new zealand



What is the difference between Rothmans and Rothmans of Pall Mall?

cigarette joke anyone?..read this..

Can Belmont Milds Cigarettes (Canadian) be ordered online or purchased in the United States? belmont milds,benson and hedges,mail order,specialty store,cigarettes,san francisco,united states

Does smoking of 1mg Tar, 1mg Nicotine cigarettes lessen health risks? nicotine cigarettes,davidoff cigarettes,cigarette box,smoke tobacco,health risks,nicotine,mgs,marlboro,little bit,six months

i know i have to pay duty on cigarettes i bring into singapore i just want to know what brand you can buy ? benson and hedges,rothmans,cigarettes,singapore

what brand of cigarettes can you buy in Singapore- i am travelling from Australia and smoke Horizon purple? rothmans,cigarettes,horizon,singapore,australia

What do you think of this classical joke??

Two cigarettes having a drink in the local? roll ups,rothmans,nowt,white smoke,menthol,struts,cigarettes,ups

According to Albert Einstein, only 2% of the world's population can solve it! Do u fall into that category? nobel prize winner,pall malls,raise cats,man drinks,brands of cigarettes,different nationalities,elite category,danish man,albert einstein,man lives,english man,green house,red house,first house,philip morris,pen and paper,swede,neighbour,beverages,colours

a story about cigarette..?

Is this some sort of joke....A Mother had 3 daughters.?

is this some sort of joke....A Mother had 3 daughters.?

Which cigarette brand is more expensive in England: Rothmans or Marlboro? cigarette brand,rothmans,marlboro,england

What daft things did you used to buy as a teen cos you thought it was cool? wellers,rothmans,target,mates,cigarettes,cigarette

3 virgins...lmao!?

Which is the best cigarette "Rothmans International" or "Dunhill International"?

how is your life is it similar?

Where in San Antonio can I buy Canadian cigarettes (Rothmans)? canadian cigarettes,san antonio

Eintstein's Riddle.? dogs as pets,pall mall,neigbor,five houses,green house,red house,first house,who owns the fish,rears,winfield,marlboro,swede,riddle,nationality,cigarette,drinks,colours,horses,birds,white house

How much do international cigarettes (Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, Dunhill) cost in Denmark? benson hedges,dunhill,cigarettes,denmark


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